Tildenet Frost Covers

Unroll it.
Protect it.
Germinate it.
Result: Game On.


Tildenet’s revolutionary frost covers offer a combined germination and frost protection solution all in one. Tested and endured since the early 1980’s, when Tildenet first pioneered the concept, their frost covers were an instance success, installed to great acclaim by top football clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspurs, saving fixtures that would otherwise have been cancelled.

The frost covers act as an insulation layer, trapping air between the pitch and the cover, increasing ground temperature and protecting against the damaging effects of overnight freezing. They are effective
down to -5 degrees, but increasingly Tildenet are seeing great results at temperatures as low as -8. Simultaneously they allow the grass beneath to breathe, grow and flourish, maintaining all year round abundant
grass coverage.

“Tildenet is now so widely used it is difficult to watch a winter sports fixture without noticing the covers tucked away at the side of the pitch,” says Andrew Downey, Managing Director at Tildenet. “We began with football, but were soon chosen by the majority of the Rugby League clubs. The major golf clubs soon followed suit, and more recently we’ve been supplying race courses across the country to keep the jump racing fixtures on, protecting ground either side of the jump, sometimes the race course itself.” Tildenet have supplied Sandown Park, Kempton Park, Chepstow, to name but a few, and were directly responsible for saving the Toyota World match play championship at Wentworth Golf Course after 4inches fell in 24 hours, after which the course needed to be dried and frost free within a matter or days.

Indeed the covers can be tailored to suit individual size requirements designed for use on any natural turf surface. Recently Tildenet supplied an equestrian arena with a frost cover and are always thrilled at the prospect of more unusual design requests.

“The recent directive by the football league, that encourages all league member clubs to protect their pitch, has meant a busy year again for us as many of the lower league clubs have purchased covers this year,”  says Andrew Downey. Even the recent technological advances in under floor heating, now installed in many of the major clubs, has not depreciated sales of Tildenet’s covers, primarily because combining both protective measures increases the germination outcome still further, guaranteeing to keep pitches fresh and green whatever the weather. In fact one well known premiership club still uses the original set of covers purchased in the 1980’s on a field near Lincolnshire where fresh new turf is grown especially to replace the stadium pitch throughout the season. The Tildenet frost covers allow the turf to be harvested even during freezing weather.

It’s not just the UK where the covers have become essential. Tildenet have been supplying football clubs across Europe since the early 1990’s, again to universal effect. Fixtures throughout Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and Iceland have all benefited from the protection of their frost covers and Tildenet are looking to expand still further afield. “We remain as excited about this product as we were in the 1980’s,” says Andrew. “There is still so much opportunity for expansion into new territories both within the sporting world and the geographical one.”